Barrel rumbling.

The used metal powder, method of preparation matters a lot.

. The Bullseye smokeless powder has a goodly amount of nitroglycerine in it.

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Barrel rumbling. . Some compositions also contain Sulfur, and are accordingly stronger.

In another video where another user tested 1g flash 6/3/1, 7/2/1 see the difference between the two.

Fuse, light, run, bang It doesn't scale below ~2cm diameter tube, but it always gets the job done. . .

Pick up the top left corner of the. 50 Grams of flash powder in a 60/30/10 ratio (KClO4, German Dark Al, Sulfur).


Flash Powder Comparison video for the following compositions 1) 1g KCLO4 / AL2) 1g KCLO4 / AL / S3) 1g KCLO3 / AL4) 1g KCLO3 / AL / S.

Pick up the top left corner of the. Powerful FP variant - posted in Pyrotechnics Compositions: I just tested a new flash powder comp which is quite powerful.

. Here's what I did.

Thick end plugs are never a requirement with this composition.
The golden powder burned fast but wasn't able to destroy the straw.
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It has a great balance of stability and power, and is usually comprised of Potassium perchlorate and Aluminum powder.

I already have some experience in making Flash Powder, (the usual 70/30 KClO4 & GD Aluminum).

The ratios by weight for flash powder are 70:30 of KClO4 and Al powder. . this flash powder is relat.

Here's what I did. 0. . KClO4 Al in a fountain are a bad idea. .


Mar 6, 2012 · The most powerful flash powder can easily be made using Potassium Perchlorate and Dark aluminium, also please be careful and safe when making this powder. Anywho I did a couple of test runs using golden powder[with titanium and with Aluminum], flash powder[KClO4/Al and KClO3/Al], and KClO4/Benzoic acid.



i've also seen compositions using terephthalic acid as the major fuel source in a binary composition which creates the same results.

Any ideas where could i get KClO4? 8 comments.

aluminum magnesium charoal and potassium perchlorate.